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Your Binocular Vision

Your brain receives signals from each of your eyes at the same time. From there, it integrates the signals to allow you to judge distances, spaces, and sizes. These functions are what make up binocular vision.

If each of your eyes sends a signal that is not coordinated, the brain will not interpret the message properly. This can result in poor depth perception, spatial awareness, and more.

Our optometrists can test your binocular vision to ensure it’s functioning correctly. If there are issues, we can recommend treatment options.

How We Assess Your Vision

Our binocular vision assessment evaluates your visual abilities and how your eyes are functioning together to uncover the cause of your vision difficulties. Each assessment is tailored to your symptoms to help reveal the issues that are affecting you specifically.

The examination lasts 90 minutes and may be combined with a visual perceptual examination, special tests for sports/post-traumatic injury assessments, or an acquired brain injury evaluation.

Your binocular vision assessment includes a copy of the evaluation, analysis, a full report, and one-on-one doctor consultation.

Our eyes work together to paint a clear picture of our lives for our brain. Our brain interprets the images and directs our bodies based on how much space we have, where we need to put something, or how high we need to step.

Issues with poor binocular vision can lead to problems with:

  • Pouring liquids from one vessel to another
  • Sports reflexes and performance
  • Judging speeds of objects, like cars
  • Walking up or down stairs or climbing onto things
  • Reading speed and comprehension
  • Copying notes from the board

Common Binocular Issues

Binocular vision problems are one of the most common visual impairments

Symptoms associated with binocular problems include:

Make Sure You See the Whole Picture

If you or your child struggle with issues like those listed above, you should speak with your optometrist about it. We can perform tests to figure out exactly what the problems are and the treatments we can provide to help your brain and your eyes communicate more clearly.

Talk to an optometrist if you would like to have a binocular visual assessment completed.

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