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Seeing the Distance with Myopia Control

Myopia, or nearsightedness, typically appears in childhood and progresses throughout life, preventing the patient from seeing objects in the distance clearly.

If myopia is diagnosed early enough, there are ways to control it and slow its progression. Even though myopia can’t be cured, it can be controlled. Children with myopia may have difficulty seeing objects that are far away, which can result in learning struggles if they can’t see the lessons properly.

If you think your child may have difficulty seeing objects at any distance, you should bring them in to see one of our friendly optometrists.

What Is Myopia?

As we grow, our eyes grow as well. When the eye is developing, it can grow longer than the average size. This causes light to be focused in front of the retina, making far away images appear blurry.

Myopia affects nearly 30% of Canadians. Most people with myopia require corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses) for distance-only vision or full time as it progresses.

By controlling myopia, we can prevent its progression and reduce the potential that someone will have to wear glasses full time for the rest of their life.

Additionally, those with high myopia may be at a higher risk for other conditions such as:

High myopia is typically a result of myopia that was not controlled, leading to a prescription of -6.00 or more. Distance vision at a -6.00 prescription is quite blurry, and you would not be able to see a lesson on the board in school or drive a vehicle without corrective lenses.

Myopia control should ideally begin at a young age while the eyes are still developing. Our optometrists can help your child get started on a plan that works best for you as quickly as possible to help make a difference in your vision.

Myopia control can help reduce progression of mild myopia into high myopia.

Methods include:

Products Beyond 20/20 may recommend:

Reshaping Your Vision

Eye exams are the best way to discover if you or your child have vision problems like myopia. Our optometrists are ready to help you control the symptoms of myopia and prevent high myopia.

If you notice any changes in your vision, please come see us today.

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