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What Is Binocular Vision Dysfunction (BVD)?

A close-up of a young girl with misaligned eyes

Clear vision is necessary to navigate everyday life with ease, but what happens when your eyes can’t cooperate? Binocular vision dysfunction, also known as binocular vision disorder (BVD), is a condition that affects the way your eyes work together.  When your eyes are not in perfect tandem, adequate depth perception and clear visual focus can […]

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What Is Vision Therapy & What Eye Conditions Can it Treat?

An optometrist pointing to a maze-like illustration for a patient who is undergoing visual therapy.

Vision therapy is an optometric specialty that focuses on treating vision-related conditions and disorders. It involves a series of exercises designed to improve visual skills, eye coordination, focusing abilities, and depth perception.  Vision therapy can be used to treat a variety of vision problems, such as:  Lazy eye (amblyopia) Strabismus (crossed eyes) Binocular vision dysfunction […]

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Can Vision Therapy Help After a Concussion?

A man with his hands on his head experiencing vision issues after getting a concussion

Your eyes and your brain have a direct relationship: your eyes are essentially an extension of your brain. This connection helps you see, perceive objects, and understand the world around you. When you have a concussion, this relationship can become damaged. But vision therapy can help you heal and restore the connections. Understanding the Relationship […]

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Does Vision Therapy Work for Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)?

A female optometrist talking to a little girl about her lazy eye

Making Visual Connections  Did you know that it’s possible to have perfect eyesight but poor vision?  Eyesight references the clarity of your vision, whereas vision refers to how your brain and eyes receive information and how it’s perceived. Tracking, coordination, and information processing is all part of your vision.  A strong connection between the brain […]

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