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What Is Vision Therapy & What Eye Conditions Can it Treat?

An optometrist pointing to a maze-like illustration for a patient who is undergoing visual therapy.

Vision therapy is an optometric specialty that focuses on treating vision-related conditions and disorders. It involves a series of exercises designed to improve visual skills, eye coordination, focusing abilities, and depth perception.  Vision therapy can be used to treat a variety of vision problems, such as:  Lazy eye (amblyopia) Strabismus (crossed eyes) Binocular vision dysfunction […]

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Astigmatism vs. Myopia: What’s the Difference?

A view of a road lined with trees comparing clear versus blurry vision

Astigmatism and myopia, also known as nearsightedness, have one key similarity: both are refractive errors of the eye. Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye prevents light from properly focusing on the retina, making it difficult for a person to see clearly.  However, there are some distinct differences between astigmatism and myopia that […]

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Can Vision Therapy Help After a Concussion?

A man with his hands on his head experiencing vision issues after getting a concussion

Your eyes and your brain have a direct relationship: your eyes are essentially an extension of your brain. This connection helps you see, perceive objects, and understand the world around you. When you have a concussion, this relationship can become damaged. But vision therapy can help you heal and restore the connections. Understanding the Relationship […]

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