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What Can Be Diagnosed from a Kid’s Eye Test?

A male optometrist is using Phoropter to check a boy's eye health and visual acuity and refractive error.

Children grow up fast, and their vision grows with them. Their eyes help them learn, develop, and play. Regular eye exams can help them get the most out of their adventures. A comprehensive eye exam allows your optometrist to track your child’s visual development, and detect conditions and refractive errors that, without intervention, might progress […]

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How To Tell if a Toddler Needs Glasses?

a toddler smiles while wearing glasses

Our visual system begins developing the moment we’re born and continues to develop throughout childhood.  Prescriptions for eyewear may not stabilize until a person reaches the age of 18. This means your vision can change over time and annual eye exams for children are critical to their development and eye health. Many children have undiagnosed […]

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